April 6, 2022


This month, our guest blogger is Jamie Wilkes of Resolution Studios Ltd. Jamie has been a tenant here at Wassell Grove since September 2021, and his company specialises in architectural visualisations.

“On the school run this morning, our 6-year-old was showing me where she’d sprinkled some wildflower seeds. Instantly, she became distressed! I asked what was the matter, she said “The birds will eat my seeds!”

I explained “The birds will eat some seeds and that’s OK. Some of the seeds will germinate & flower, then they will also go to seed. Then next year, some of those seeds will germinate and some will be eaten . . . and so the cycle continues.”

She stopped in her tracks & was making sense of what I’d just said. I could see in her eyes as the penny dropped. She started jumping up and down shouting “Yay – yay – yay!”

“That means, I have planted flowerers forever” she shouted with great joy.

“I had never thought of it like that,” I added “But yes, you have.”

After dropping her off at school, I was walking back home and I couldn’t stop thinking about these seeds. It works the same way when you pass on knowledge. You share a bit of what you know, the other person uses it, adds to it, and then passes it on. As a result, we all build on what we know and grow.

This is what happens here at Resolution Studios, we are always sharing 3D CAD and rendering tips and tricks with one another. I bet every day you will hear one of us say, “Well I didn’t know you could do that!” – as a result, we all grow.

As anyone who uses CAD software knows, there are 20 ways to draw a circle, let alone create some of the complex geometry we do for our 3D models! Just because it’s the way you have always done something, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way.


For more information about 3D visualisations, call Jamie Wilkes of Resolution Studios Ltd on 01562 881009 or email to jamie.wilkes@resolution-studios.co.uk


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